Jacob Yoffee


Jacob Yoffee is a Los Angeles based composer who collaborates with some of the most respected names in the TV & Film Industry. Since 2008 he has worked with hundreds of filmmakers on projects of all genres. I was tasked with re-designing his personal brand and portfolio website, utilizing WordPress and Ajax technologies to provide users with a fluid experience while browsing his highly regarded music. While sound was the primary concern, we also wanted to make the site visually beautiful. To accomplish this we utilized a combination of photography and movie poster imagery, employing a combination of simple grids and immersive full screen headers.




Jacob Yoffee


Art Director, Designer, Developer

Design Philosophy

The intention behind the Jacob Yoffee portfolio design was to maintain a minimal and clean aesthetic, allowing the project thumbnails and movie posters to shine. We felt bright colours and subtle gradients used on a dark backgrounds gave us the strong impact we wanted but without compromising too much on readability. Type legibility was further enhanced by using normal and extended variants of Titling Gothic, a font that lends itself to a futuristic, yet clean aesthetic in-line with Hollywood film posters.

Mobile was also a major priority, and we ensured the music experience was the same or better on a phone as it was on desktop was a requirement. Users needed to move from project to project without having music stop or re-start.

Photography & Art Direction

I collaborated with another LA-Based photographer to art direct a series of photos. The aim was to achieve something futuristic, almost Bladerunner-like, while still maintaining authenticity. The photography is now a foundation of Jacob’s brand and portfolio moving forward.


A simplistic design for Jacob’s stationary, utilizing the colours used on the website and adding graphics that a representative of sound and movement.